Tuesday, 6 November 2012

welcome to my blog!

This first post is going to be pretty inconsequential, let's look at is an introduction! 

Where to begin? Let's see: my name is Ellen. I'm eighteen. I was born and raised in Waterford, Ireland. I adore sunshine, music, fashion, and adventures. i am surrounded by the best people in the world. my family and friends are the greatest. I will consider my life fulfilled if I have traveled the world! 

That's basically all you need to know for now!

This is my first proper blog, although I do have a tumblr account, it's not really the same! This will be less pictures and more thoughts, or at least I plan for it to be! I will mainly be posting my daily musings, book/movie/music review, recipes that I love, fashion and beauty pieces, and other random tidbits that my brain conjures up!

Join me on this magical journey, won't you?!

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