Friday, 22 August 2014

LIFESTYLE | My Carry On Essentials

I don't know how to pack light. There, I said it! The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem! Whether it's my suitcase, or hand luggage, I always over pack. I just like to cover ever eventuality. Not ideal if you plan on doing some (A LOT) of shopping. While I don't see myself tackling the suitcase issue anytime soon, I have managed to compile a list of my must haves in my carry-on!

A good book is crucial to the beginning of my holiday. I like to find a gripping story that I can get lost in. Time will just fly by.. Pun intended! This year, I choose to read an old favourite, so I can pick up a book or two at the airport! No matter where I go, I always carry a notebook and a pen. This is where I keep all my blogging ideas, to-do lists. I like to have it close by, because you never know where inspiration might come strike. That way I won't have to worry about forgetting my ideas later on!

Whether I'm watching a film/tv show, reading a book, or writing, I'll need my glasses to hand. I'll, of course, need my sunglasses too. I love these round rimmed ones from New Look, and can't wait to wear them! I always need a lip balm with me, and recently, I added this La Roche-Posay Cicaplast to my bag. It's universal cream that can be used for literally anything. I like to use it as an under eye cream! And of course, extra hair ties. You can never have too many!

While I won't be taking pictures on the plane, I'll need my camera when I get to my destination. My camera is the Canon Ixus 132. This way I can take lots of pictures to share with you guys! I always need my iPod Touch and my headphones, I am constantly creating playlists! I love listening to music when I'm reading or writing, it helps me focus better. Headphones also come in handy for watching movies!

There we have it! Not too condensed, but not as full as normal. I call that progress! What do you like to keep in your carry on?!

Until next time, 
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